Karma's Got A Gun
Apr 29, 2014
Midnight Sunshine
Nov 14, 2013
VulGarrity: The Series - Holiday Special
Dec 22, 2011
Tracy, Shawn and Missi provide Saint Nick with a check stop on his trip, but things go haywire after they eat a batch of Christmas cookies.
"From Dusk Till Shawn" - VulGarrity: The Series, Episode 5
Oct 5, 2011
VulGarrity agree to donate their time by performing at a benefit show for a blood bank. Little do they know, the show's hosts are looking for a different kind of donation.

Episode ending song "All Hallow's Eve" available on iTunes and at the "Store" link above.
All Hallow's Eve
Sep 26, 2011
"All Hallow's Eve" by VulGarrity, from the album "Dance 2 The Grave", available on iTunes and at