19 Nov 09

Currently on tour, this duo totally rocked the stage as if they were a 4 - 5 member rock band. Vulgarrity's performance took this reviewer on a fantastical journey of sound via psychedelic/rock. Fans were treated to epic and grand song intros as well as the intense energy felt within their songs. Even though the sound was a little distorted at times during the set, SouthSide was still able to experience such rhythms and more ...never thought imagined. It was like listening to the indie version of Rush after getting lost amongst Vulgarrity's trippy keyboard/guitar combination. There were moments when this reviewer had to stop writing and simply enjoy the music. The highlight of this performance came at the end as this duo performed an epic instrumental. Through the use of looping (so Tracy and Shawn could switch between drums and guitar during this song), the finale left SouthSide breathless ...and hungry for more. For more information, visit this duo at www.myspace.com/vulgarrity.