The brother-sister team from bands like Rebecca Nurse and The Radionics have ditched conventional formats to go it as a duo with their new band VulGarrity. As far as sibling duo bands go, think a more metallic new wave version of the Carpenters or (fake siblings) White Stripes eschewing blues for The Cars. Whatever, it’s as infectious as Hell!

VulGarrity put out their debut “If You Sing It, They Will Hum…” last year with songs about the “Boogie Man,” the “Medicine Man,” and other upstanding characters of the night. “Gone Streaking” is a detonator on the dance floor about the national pastime made famous by Will Ferrell in “Old School.” Elements of AC/DC minus Angus mashed with ‘80s post-punk power these 14 tales of moonlight mayhem to glory.

VulGarrity live is fascinating to watch because of the way Tracy and Shawn Garrity swap vocal, drum, and bass duties. Shawn will record a guitar loop before the song and play it back via a pedal without missing a beat on the skins. Already veterans of one cross country jaunt, VulGarrity have plans for more touring with dates as far as Cleveland currently booked. I was lucky to catch Tracy Garrity at what she said described as “a good time” to answer some questions. It was 4 a.m. - which pleased me to know that somebody else lives in my time zone.

MC: How would you compare the influences of VulGarrity to some of your past bands like Rebecca Nurse?

TG: Sound-wise, I’d have to say Joy Division, The Cure, The Cars, The Police, and Faith No More. Shawn and I are in such a different place then we were back when we played in Rebecca Nurse. We have this wide open space allowing for us to easily be ourselves again. An admission, if you will, for creativity. When we started one year ago, I felt like it could be described almost as an act of grace! There we were, at our practice space, all of a sudden writing our entire album in four weeks. We were popping out songs every night like it was our last day on earth or something. It was kind of surreal actually. Whenever I saw my brother put down the guitar, start wailing on the drums and then bring the guitar back in again for the chorus with his loop petal while STILL playing the drums and keeping time... Man, I knew this was going to be insanely fun!

MC: What has been the most exciting thing so far?

TG: The Fall 2008 Tour! We toured all the way out to LA and back in two and a half weeks. The most fun that my brother and I have ever experienced musically and personally. We met so many awesome people and got to see different areas of the country that live for the rock! It was a very inspiring trip - one that actually influenced more songs.

MC: What is the game plan for 2009?

TG: Game plan is to continue touring. We want to get out to as many places as possible and to resurface these places. Shawn and I can both agree that it’s been the feedback by far that has been most exciting. We’ve never experienced the amount of supportive feedback that we do now in VulGarrity and we’re both very thankful that we’re making people happy! To us, that’s what it’s really all about!In addition to opening the Sponge show at The Beach House on March 5, Vulgarity will be tearing up The Blackstone in Pawtucket on March 6 – follow the party online at and

Marc Clarkin