It’s one thing for a musician to loop a guitar riff once in a while so they can add a cool touch to a song, but it’s another thing when a duo loops together a classic rock set up of drums, keys, guitars, and bass all at the same time to create a full on audio assault. Enter Providence rock act VulGarrity, consisting of talented siblings Shawn and Tracy Garrity who always have a knack for bringing innovative music to the ears of many. [Read More...]
Alt-Nation: VulGarrity’s Afterlife
VulGarrity are tough to pin down because there are elements of so many different rock formats going on including everything prog-metal to post-punk while still touching on everything from ’80s pop, synth-funk and classic rock riffs while circling the bases. This time around, they expand to include what I think is their first straight out acoustic ballad to the heavens in “Dear God.” It has more of a “We Are the World” feel than the XTC tune of the same name. Things shift fast in VulGarrity’s universe, though. The next tune, “Flight Simulator,” sounds like an ’80s funk recreation center dance floor banger in the vein of Morris Day. I’d love to quote the lyrics, but what I think I hear is usually wrong; Shawn VulGarrity is spitting gold here. “Wait Here for You” has a synth-tinged heavy rock verse before melting into an ’80s pop chorus. Afterlife goes cover to cover without losing any momentum as the closer, “West Coast Broke,” is so simple and so damn catchy that it is my favorite of the bunch. Not since Tupac has any musician managed to continue to crank out grave rave and roll party classics in the Afterlife. [Read More...]
A sneak peek at VulGarrity’s Funkeology
Funkeology is the third full-length album from the renowned sibling duo, known for one of the most entertaining live rock shows around. [Read More...]
MUSIC: Local Music Lights It Up At Dusk
VulGarrity is one of the most original and inventive bands you'll ever see. [Read More...]
VulGarrity can't be categorized - they're too busy having fun
VulGarrity is one of those acts that’s just too much freaking fun to miss them because you don’t ‘get’ them. [Read More...]
VulGarrity Takes Top Honors At WBRU's 2011 Rock Hunt
"VulGarrity stole the show that evening. They were the most unique and exciting act that night. They make excellent, BIG noise for just two people. VulGarrity is rock and roll, plain and simple." [Read More...]
Jess Powers presents sultry sirens at Firehouse 13
The next Chanteuse extravaganza features guest emcee and spoken word poet Michaelle Saintil, and an eclectic roster ranging from folk quartet the Sugar Honey Iced Tea to Tracy Garrity of the sibling rock duo VulGarrity. Tracy and brother/bandmate Shawn plan to perform cuts Tracy penned on their latest disc, Dance 2 the Grave. [Read More...]
VulGarrity triumph at the 'BRU Rock Hunt
VulGarrity's 35-minute set slayed from start to finish, with all of their signature moves in effect... [Read More...]
WBRU Rock Hunt Winner 2011!
Congratulations to brother-sister duo, VulGarrity, this year’s Rock Hunt Winner!

On Friday, April 8th at The Met, VulGarrity topped fellow Rock Hunt Finalists, Herra Terra, The Death of Paris, and Last One Out, to take the 2011 Rock Hunt title.
Watch VulGarrity bring down the house at Pint's Bar & Grill
Sibling goth-rock duo VulGarrity never ceases to amaze when it comes to a live show. [Read More...]
The 10 alt-rock discs of Xmas
VulGarrity’s sophomore release, Dance 2 the Grave, picks up where their debut left off, and then proceeds to blow it away. [Read More...]
VulGarrity at The Shredder
Their songs are fun, horror-tinged dance rock numbers that are bursting at the seams with energy and mischievousness. [Read More...]
VulGarrity “Dances to the Grave”
“Horror Movies. Maybe Rush or Joy Division.” These are just a few of the actual collective influences of the rock-duo Vulgarrity, a band riding just under the radar since its formation in Providence, R.I. in 2008. [Read More...]
Vulgarrity's haunting Dance 2 the Grave
There's a musty funk emanating from the new VulGarrity disc, Dance 2 the Grave, as the acclaimed Provy-based sibling duo (Tracy and older brother Shawn Garrity) follow up their excellent '08 debut, If You Sing it, They Will Hum . . ., with 15 more tracks (including a monster cover of Peter Gabriel's "Shock the Monkey") sure to satisfy those of us who crave their taut basslines, primal rhythms, and gnarled, fuzzy riffs a la Queens of the Stone Age. [Read More...]
Just The Two Of Us
The two siblings in VulGarrity create all the sound (and conflict) of a full band [Read More...]
Happy V-Day to the Woman Who Rock
Tracy Garrity brings the blonde bombshell
sex appeal to this dementedly appealing
outfit. [Read More...]
What especially impresses is their ability to fill their songs with pure sound; the Garritys’ talent with multiple instruments makes “If You Sing It” sound more fleshed out than most comparable rock quartets. [Read More...]
Live Review: Inn Cinema // VulGarrity // Arma // Riot Inside
Multitaskers VulGarrity followed by proving just what sort of layering is possible with a well-used loop pedal or two. [Read More...]
19 Nov 09
...the finale left SouthSide breathless ...and hungry for more. [Read More...]
CD of the month
Sonic mayhem was in the air on a recent Saturday night at AS220, when local brother-and-sister duo Vulgarrity delivered a scorching set of material from their release If You Sing it, They Will Hum (Dog Hill Records). [Read More...]
In the blood: VulGarrity is humming on all cylinders
"There are three instruments on stage and only two of us and we switch instruments a lot, sometimes within the same song. It’s much harder but also much more fun.” [Read More...]
VulGarrity live is fascinating to watch because of the way Tracy and Shawn Garrity swap vocal, drum, and bass duties. [Read More...]