"No Coin" Video Featured on MySpace Music
We've released a new video which is featured on MySpace Music today! Go to http://music.myspace.com/, scroll down to Music & Video Exclusives and Whoomp, there it is - our brand new video for a brand new remixed version of "No Coin". We had a blast making this video, which you can probably tell from the credits at the end. You'll find the new remixed single on our MySpace and Facebook pages too.

So, why is our video featured on MySpace Music, you ask? We've signed an Artist Marketing & Development Agreement with MySpace Records. It's not a recording contract, but it means they'll be doing some sweet marketing for our next several projects, the next of which will be our second album, which we're recording now. We signed the agreement back in November when we were on tour, so we've been waiting a while to announce it. MSR have been really cool so far and we're psyched to be working with them.

(If you're reading this late and the video is no longer featured at MySpace Music, you can also view it at
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpBwhWRxLUQ )