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VulGarrity: The Series - Holiday Special

Santa’s big night is coming! What would happen if he made a pit stop at VulGarrity headquarters during his trip? Well, watch our Holiday Special and find out…





In addition to being a Holiday Special, this episode also marks the end of the first season of the series.

"From Dusk Till Shawn" - VulGarrity: The Series, Episode 5


VulGarrity agree to donate their time by performing at a benefit show for a blood bank. Little do they know, the show's hosts are looking for a different kind of donation. 


Episode ending song "All Hallow's Eve" available on iTunes and at the "Store" link above.



All Hallow's Eve

Brand new "All Hallow's Eve" music video, from the album "Dance 2 The Grave", available on iTunes and at the "Store" link above.


VulGarrity: The Series - Episode 4


"In Shambles"

Tracy's agent Miranda Silver has big plans to put her in movies, which would mean the end of VulGarrity: The Series. Shawn and the crew concoct a scheme to put an end to Miranda's plans - and her life.

Episode ending song "Murderhand", from the album "Dance 2 The Grave", available on iTunes and at the "Store" link above.


VulGarrity: The Series - Episode 3 in 3D

2 more days until Episode 4 is released. In the meantime, bust out your biggest, ugliest pair of 3D glasses and check out Episode 3, in its entirety, in 3D!



Happy Friday! Episode 4 comes out next week. In the meantime here's the music video from the episode, slightly modified (the episode version will contain bloopers from the set, this one doesn't). Most of this footage is from the VulGarrity: The Series Screening Party at the Colosseum on 6/10.


VulGarrity: The Series - Episode 3, Part 2

"A Paranormal Exorcism in Connecticut"
Shawn buys an antique guitar amp at a flea market, and strange things start to happen after he brings it home.
Episode ending song "Demon in the Closet" on the album "Dance 2 The Grave", available on iTunes and at the "Store" link above.
VulGarrity: The Series - Episode 3, Part 1


"A Paranormal Exorcism in Connecticut"


Shawn buys an antique guitar amp at a flea market, and strange things start to happen after he brings it home.


We hope you enjoy the first half, Part 2 will be released in 2 weeks, OR as soon as Part 1 hits 300 views. So start sharing!

Best Act Nomination

VulGarrity has been nominated for "Best Act" in the 2011 Providence Phoenix Best Music Poll. Cast your vote here! http://providence.thephoenix.com/bmp/providence/Vote/

VulGarrity: The Series - Episode 2


"Erin Go Brawl"


Tracy and Shawn throw a St. Patrick's Day Party. All goes well until a few "Holiday" party crashers show up and take over, bringing the party to another level.


Click the pic below to download the episode ending song, "Party Like a M***********", on iTunes (also available at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/vulgarrity3).


Here's a Quick Preview of VulGarrity: The Series, Episode 2!

Episode 1 is Here!

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, we're proud to present (drum roll)...VulGarrity: The Series - Episode 1!



‎"Pets Gone Wild"


Tracy and Shawn adopt some cats from an old Asian man and get much more than they bargained for. Watch as their new pets move in and take over, while corrupting their other pets in the process. Episode ending song: "Tell-Tale", from the album "Dance 2 The Grave", available on iTunes and at the "Store" link above.

VulGarrity: The Series Official Announcement


This February, episode one of “VulGarrity: The Series” is coming to an online screen near you. Written and directed by Schjoay Productions’ Johnny C, the un-reality show stars Rhode Island’s favorite multi-instrumental sibling rock duo, VulGarrity.


Drug-addicted house pets! Gangsta Leprechauns! Exorcisms! Vampire Romance Warfare! Watch Tracy and Shawn’s uproarious misadventures with all of these and more. One episode will be released online each month through the summer. Each 10-20 minute episode ends with a different VulGarrity song and video, as well as bloopers from the set.


Fans can watch episodes and interact on Facebook with the creative team for fan-based input and ideas.






Song of the Year / Male Vocalist of the Year

We've been nominated in this year's Limelight Magazine Readers’ Poll for Song of the Year ("Freakshow") and Male Vocalist of the Year. Please visit http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MV7D6TR and cast your votes! 

New February Shows Announced!

Happy New Year!

Band of the Month - Vote

We've been nominated for band of the month at The Deli Magazine - visit http://newengland.thedelimagazine.com/ and cast your vote. You can vote any time between now and Halloween. VulGarrity, October, Halloween, Band of the Month, it all makes sense, no? Yes. Go vote please. Thank you!

New Video, Album, Tour, Oh My!




What happens when a creation made with good intentions turns evil? Find out in this macabre tale of scientific experimentation gone horribly wrong, otherwise known as our latest video, “Freakshow”: 





This is the big week. The new album “Dance 2 the Grave” drops this Friday 10/22. You can pre-order it right now by clicking the Store link above. If you’re attending the CD Release Party Friday, a copy of the album is included with admission. Not only that, but you can save yourself a whole two dollars by buying your tickets for the party in advance at www.etix.com.


If you’re in the Providence area, tune into 95.5 WBRU Monday 10/18 at 9pm. We’ll be live in the studio spinning some tunes from the new album and giving away juicy secrets about the CD Release Party – maybe a few free tickets too.




The “Dance 2 The Grave” tour is here. We’re hitting the road again and bringing the rawk to you. Show us some love by spreading the word to your peeps around the country - check the Shows link to see where we'll be.


VulGarrity Album Pre-Order, More Endorsements, Fall Tour

Album Pre-Order


Our new album “Dance to the Grave” is now available for pre-order at the Store link at the top of this page! Scheduled release date is 10/22. If you’re planning on attending our CD Release party that same day, don’t pre-order because a copy of the album is included with admission price. However, if you can’t make it to the party, pre-order your copy now!


New Tunes


You can hear 2 songs from the new album, “Freakshow” and “All Hallows Eve”, on all of our sites. “All Hallows Eve” is also included on the Local Flavors 2010 Free Mixtape released last week by Sully’s Café. Download your free copy at www.sullyscafe.com.


More Endorsements


We recently picked up endorsements from the following companies:


WB Gear

SIT Strings

In Tune Guitar Picks

Mental Case

Big Bends Nut Sauce




Fall Tour


Our third nationwide tour is shaping up. We’ll be adding more dates in the coming weeks. Check out the Shows link to see what's scheduled so far.


VulGarrity now endorsed by Hercules Stands

VulGarrity is now endorsed by Hercules Stands, along with some other great artists including one of our favorites, Megadeth! You can check out the full list at http://www.herculesstands.com/ (we'll be listed soon).

Hercules Stands


New Single "Freakshow" out today!

We've release a brand new single called "Freakshow". You can listend and download it at www.cdbaby.com/vulgarrity1, or on iTunes at http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/freakshow-single/id375040752. A little something to hold you over until the full-length album, "Dance to the Grave", drops in October. 

VulGarrity Wins First Place in the WXIN Rock Hunt!

Tuesday night we took home first place in 90.7 WXIN's Rock Hunt at Firehouse 13! Thanks to everyone who came out and helped us take home a hefty cash prize and some free recording studio time!

Live version of "Killer in the Back Seat" from Arlene's Grocery

This is a live version of the eighth track from the album If You Sing It, They Will Hum. The audio is from the “house mix” recording at Arlene’s Grocery in NYC 3/19/10, courtesy of Kill Screen Records.



VulGarrity nominated for Best Breakthrough Act

VulGarrity have been nominated for "Best Breakthrough Act" in the Phoenix 2010 Best Music Poll! Cast your vote at http://thephoenix.com/BMP/Providence/Vote/BREAKTHROUGHACT/