New Video, Album, Tour, Oh My!




What happens when a creation made with good intentions turns evil? Find out in this macabre tale of scientific experimentation gone horribly wrong, otherwise known as our latest video, “Freakshow”: 





This is the big week. The new album “Dance 2 the Grave” drops this Friday 10/22. You can pre-order it right now by clicking the Store link above. If you’re attending the CD Release Party Friday, a copy of the album is included with admission. Not only that, but you can save yourself a whole two dollars by buying your tickets for the party in advance at


If you’re in the Providence area, tune into 95.5 WBRU Monday 10/18 at 9pm. We’ll be live in the studio spinning some tunes from the new album and giving away juicy secrets about the CD Release Party – maybe a few free tickets too.




The “Dance 2 The Grave” tour is here. We’re hitting the road again and bringing the rawk to you. Show us some love by spreading the word to your peeps around the country - check the Shows link to see where we'll be.