Video Jam Interview

Check out our interview on Video Jam! It's going to air tonight and tomorrow at 9pm on WCCA TV but you can stream it here (interview starts around 5:19)

"Karma's Got A Gun" official music video

Live cover of U2's "Beautiful Day"

New Music Video: Midnight Sunshine

New Music Video: Victorious

Funkeology Has Arrived

A sneak peek at VulGarrity’s Funkeology
Funkeology is the third full-length album from the renowned sibling duo, known for one of the most entertaining live rock shows around. [Read More...]
MUSIC: Local Music Lights It Up At Dusk
VulGarrity is one of the most original and inventive bands you'll ever see. [Read More...]
Funkeology is coming...

Our new album "Funkeology" is coming soon. Click the Mailing List link above to sign up and receive email updates and other exclusive content. Or, if you're on facebook, click here to sign up and get a free download of an alternate version of a track on the album! 

New Music Video: Middle Finger Machine Gun

We're proud to present our latest music video, Middle Finger Machine Gun, along with a message from the future:



Download this song for free here. This is the first single from our forthcoming album "Funkeology", scheduled for release later this summer.