Album Cover
Dance 2 the Grave
Released: Oct 22, 2010
Label: Dog Hill Records
Track Listing
1 All Hallow's Eve
2 Freakshow
3 Don't Go in the House
4 Tortured
5 Murderhand
6 Dance 2 the Grave
7 Shock the Monkey
8 Purify
9 Demon in the Closet
10 Eyes in the Dark
11 Signs
12 Tell-Tale
13 Mix Around
14 Dear John
15 Vully

Liner Notes



VulGarrity is:

Shawn Garrity: Bass, Drums, Guitar, Keys, Vocals

Tracy Garrity: Bass, Drums, Keys, Vocals


Recorded at Dog Hill Studios, Connecticut.


Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by VulGarrity.


Copyright 2010 Dog Hill Records. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication prohibited.

All music and lyrics by VuGarrity, except "Shock the Monkey" by Peter Gabriel, courtsey of Pentagon Lipservices Real World (BMI).

Artwork by Shawn Garrity.

Photo by Hilda Yulfo.

Thank you: God, Patrick, Elaine and the rest of the Garrity fam, Missi Garrity, Adam Bourget & Woozy, John, Bev & Mike Phillabaum, Jimmy Roc, Katie Church, Ryan Scottie, Eric Baker, Chuck Bentley & Colt's Plastics, Lisa Gourley, John Cavooto, Brendan and Annmarie Waldsmith, Brian & Jenn Flamand, Caleb & Kelly Piehl, Justin Kessinger, Ed Boak, Rick Morgan, Robert Martinez, Joe & Kristen Wallace, Johnny Ronci, John Steiner, Ryan Ennis, Kristen Provencher, Carolyn Stokes, Zeus, Hilda Yulfo, Adam Dohrenwend, James Keating, Steev Riccardo, Ben Swiatek, Cathryn Beeks, Nancy Harris, Jay Breidenbach, Motorpsychos, the Shallow Palace crew, 91s, Taylor Brennan & the Arma crew, Rene Dupont & SEXCoffee, The Lights Out, Anthony Yaccobellis, Muphin Chukrs, Route .44.



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Vulgarrity's haunting Dance 2 the Grave
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There's a musty funk emanating from the new VulGarrity disc, Dance 2 the Grave, as the acclaimed Provy-based sibling duo (Tracy and older brother Shawn Garrity) follow up their excellent '08 debut, If You Sing it, They Will Hum . . ., with 15 more tracks (including a monster cover of Peter Gabriel's "Shock the Monkey") sure to satisfy those of us who crave their taut basslines, primal rhythms, and gnarled, fuzzy riffs a la Queens of the Stone Age. [Read More...]