Album Cover
Released: Jul 21, 2015
Label: Dog Hill Records
Track Listing
1 Flight Simulator
2 Maniac Shuffle
3 Wait Here For You
4 West Coast Broke
5 Afterlife
6 Saddest Clown
7 Stygian Night
8 Motion of Sin
9 Dead Dance
10 Dear God

Liner Notes

Recorded, produced and mastered by VulGarrity at Dog Hill Studios, Connecticut. Photos courtesy of Richard B. Wagner Photography.



It’s one thing for a musician to loop a guitar riff once in a while so they can add a cool touch to a song, but it’s another thing when a duo loops together a classic rock set up of drums, keys, guitars, and bass all at the same time to create a full on audio assault. Enter Providence rock act VulGarrity, consisting of talented siblings Shawn and Tracy Garrity who always have a knack for bringing innovative music to the ears of many. [Read More...]
Alt-Nation: VulGarrity’s Afterlife
Motif Magazine
VulGarrity are tough to pin down because there are elements of so many different rock formats going on including everything prog-metal to post-punk while still touching on everything from ’80s pop, synth-funk and classic rock riffs while circling the bases. This time around, they expand to include what I think is their first straight out acoustic ballad to the heavens in “Dear God.” It has more of a “We Are the World” feel than the XTC tune of the same name. Things shift fast in VulGarrity’s universe, though. The next tune, “Flight Simulator,” sounds like an ’80s funk recreation center dance floor banger in the vein of Morris Day. I’d love to quote the lyrics, but what I think I hear is usually wrong; Shawn VulGarrity is spitting gold here. “Wait Here for You” has a synth-tinged heavy rock verse before melting into an ’80s pop chorus. Afterlife goes cover to cover without losing any momentum as the closer, “West Coast Broke,” is so simple and so damn catchy that it is my favorite of the bunch. Not since Tupac has any musician managed to continue to crank out grave rave and roll party classics in the Afterlife. [Read More...]